Чирали Альмира Бунгало
Уникальная природа, роскошные бунгало
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With its unique nature and luxury bungalows, aims to make your holiday a holiday you will never forget. Çıralı Almira Bungalows are covered with Toros Mountains on one side and sea on the others inside Olympos National Park. The distance from hotel to the beach is about 200 meters. Çıralı Almira Bungalows located within Olympus national Park are surrounded by Toros mountain range on one side and the sea on the other side. The distance from hotel to the beach is about 250 meters. Along the coast, facilities of chaise lounge and sunshade are available.



Almira Виллы

Almira Виллы contains 2 rooms, 1 living room and 1 kitchen. Every room have seperate air conditioner including living room. In the rooms there have a maxi fridge with deepfreeze, all the kitchen accesories in the kitchen, free wi-fi internet and a LCD TV in the living room.


Семейное бунгало

They are bungalows for 5 persons maximum. They have 2 seperate bedrooms and has double-size bed in one bedroom and king-size bed in another. In the rooms there have an air conditioner, a mini fridge, a kettle and free wi-fi internet.



They are bungalows for 3 persons maximum. In the rooms there have a mini fridge, a kettle, a wardrobe, a hair dryer, balcony and free wi-fi internet.

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